The way we view both equity and equality in sports needs fundamental reassessing
Some people are allowed to put themselves above the team, it seems
The king is dead, long live the king

December 2022

An athlete's legacy is invariably shaped by too many things athletes have no control over, which in turn warps our understanding of what greatness even…
It's a black mark if we don't value Black minds as we do Black bodies
While the Crime Dog deservedly gets into the Hall, others are arbitrarily kept out

November 2022

Love lasts forever, but hate lasts even longer
On patsies and sacrificial lambs
Does watching the World Cup make you complicit? Yes. Are we all invariably complicit in thousands of atrocities no matter how hard we strive to be good…
Apologizing after you make a mistake is good, but apologizing for making a mistake when you knew what you were doing was wrong and were hoping no one…
You cannot help but learn important things when you're doing the things you do to avoid learning important things