Who is Oddball?

Dave and Jonathan.

What is Oddball?

Oddball is a sports/trivia game, game concept, and newsletter created by Dave (@combatdavey) and Jonathan (@jy_am).

Where is Oddball?

Oddball is everywhere, it is all around you and inside you. Dave and Jonathan are in Toronto.

When is Oddball?

Oddball publishes every Wednesday afternoon barring an emergency.

Why subscribe to Oddball?

When you do, you won’t have to worry about missing anything. A new edition of Oddball will be sent directly to your inbox every Wednesday.

By subscribing you’ll join a community of people who share your interests! Make new friends! Go on road trips with your new friends! Fight Red Sox fans with them! Fall in love! Get married! Tell everyone at your wedding reception how you wouldn’t have found true love if not for Oddball! Then get them to subscribe!

If you were running for mayor, Jonathan and Dave would vote for you!

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